Great Ways To Promote New Merchandise


Store owners need to inform customers of their seasonal merchandise or new products. Customers are thrilled when they are singled out to be informed of product offers. A product launch is a promotional means of creating excitement, building anticipation and creating awareness of new products. It could take the following forms:

Direct mail: mailing product information to loyal customers on your list is a great way for them to learn about special offers and latest products in the market. They are thus encouraged to check out the merchandise as the store. This promotional method lays the background for good sales of new products, whether or not discount offers are on. This traditional mailing method appeals to customers, making them feel special and valued. It builds loyalty.

Website or e-mail: our technology driven society is now such that customers ordinarily expect that a merchant features all relevant information about his stocked or upcoming products on his website. Giving out information about an expected product wets the customer's appetite for it. A countdown to the arrival of such product lets them know when precisely they can get it. E-mail messages also appeals to the customer and make them feel most valued. It therefore follows that it is imperative that a contact list of customers must be maintained.

Print media ads: Upon taking delivery of goods, running print media adverts serves to attract customer traffic to come check them out as well as informs those who are looking for sale bargains as to your offers. The ads can be done in local newspapers or magazines likely to be patronized by the target audience.

In-store advertising: window-shoppers are potential customers who can be attracted into the store with clear displays of new products by the store front windows or doors. Within the store, catchy vertical displays or wall graphics can be used to draw attention to the location of the product in the store.

Social media: after a product launch, social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and others are good means of following up on customers. Through this medium, their personal opinions on the product effectiveness can be sought, and they should be encouraged to where possible, post visuals of them using it, or better still, reviews. When customers interact with the brand, it gains more exposure and endorsements that could further compel other users to patronize it. The feedback from the medium is good and can be analyzed for possible improvements to the product and marketing strategy upgrade.

The use of one or more of these strategies can greatly influence favourable sales. It is imperative that you create needed hype about your merchandise for the customers to key into and spread the word; else, nobody will blow your trumpet for you!